What Are the Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Wedding Card?

personalised wedding invitations

The best wedding cards are the ones that reflect your style, so it is essential to choose the right design and colour. Consider your budget before shopping for wedding cards because they can be expensive. It is also important to remember to confirm your budget with professionals to take that on for the further steps for your personalised wedding invitations.

Include Your Registry
  • Registering for gifts is often part of the wedding invitation, but it doesn’t have to be. Some couples keep their registry private and use it to ask for specific items without sending out a list to everyone who might attend the wedding.
  • If you have an online registry, your guests can go through your link on the website and search for items they think would suit them best. This way, they won’t have anything to worry about regarding delivery time or gift wrapping (which can be pretty expensive). Plus, many registries offer discounts on certain products if you purchase multiple items simultaneously!
  • If you’re planning on recommending a physical store where people can pick up their gifts instead, that’s great!
Could You Keep It Simple?

Your wedding card must represent your relationship with the person you’re sending it to, which is why it should have a unique touch with the element of proficiency by professionals to help people with their personalised wedding invitations. Think about what you’ve learned about them over the years and what would make them smile. Think about what your relationship means to both of you. Your wedding card should speak for itself, but if any details need to be clearer, they’ll be lost to whoever receives it!

When planning a wedding card, it’s essential not only that its look reflects the couple’s personalities but also that the message inside speaks volumes about their connection. A good rule of thumb is to keep things simple! Don’t overcomplicate things by using too many fonts or colours. Make sure that any messages conveyed through words are clear enough so as not to leave anyone wondering what exactly is being said.

Add Map and Direction Cards

If you have many out-of-town guests, include maps and direction cards so they can find their way to your wedding. Include address information as well as contact details so that if someone needs help getting around or finding a place, they’ll know who to call. If you have a website for your wedding or registry, be sure to include links to both in your invitation suite. Finally, if there’s going to be an outdoor ceremony site at which guests will need directions—like in the park or on the beach—put all that info on the map card too!

Save the Date!

Invitations are the first step in your wedding planning, and a save-the-date card is a formal invitation to inform guests of your wedding date and location.

While some couples simply send an email or text message announcing their upcoming nuptials, sending out a save-the-date card lets you get creative with your design and make it feel more personal for your special day. Some couples even include photos from their engagement shoot on the back of their save-the-dates!

The tips above will help you create the perfect wedding invitation. And don’t forget to always include your registry!