How to plan a holiday in Whitsundays

hotels in Whitsundays

Whitsundays is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. It has some of the best beaches and offers a variety of activities for all ages. With so much to do, see and check out hotels in Whitsundays, planning your holiday can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your trip:

Getting to Whitsundays

Whitsundays is located in north Queensland, which is an excellent place to fly into if you’re coming from Australia or New Zealand. You can choose between several airlines that fly into Hamilton Island Airport, including Virgin Australia and Qantas Airways. It’s about a three-hour flight from Brisbane airport (which has direct flights from all major Australian cities) and about five hours from Sydney airport.

Accommodation in Whitsundays

The best way to search for accommodation in Whitsundays is through a travel agent. They can help you find the best hotels in Whitsundays and get the best deals. There are many hotels to choose from, including:

  • resorts – these are great if you want lots of activities on offer and don’t mind paying a bit more
  • motels – these are cheaper than resorts but still have all the basic things you need, like rooms and bathrooms.

There are two main types of accommodation in Whitsundays: hotels and motels. Hotels in Whitsundays usually cost more than motels because they have better facilities, such as pools and restaurants on site. However, both types provide clean rooms with comfortable beds where you can rest after exploring this beautiful part of Australia.

Things to do in Whitsundays

Whitsundays is considered one of the world’s most beautiful islands. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family by going on some exciting activities such as exploring the Whitsundays Islands, sailing, diving, and snorkelling tours. You can also do many other things while you are on vacation in Whitsundays, such as going on an eco-tour or island hopping tour.

Food in Whitsundays
  • Take advantage of the local cuisine.
  • The food in Whitsundays is a mix of Asian and Australian cuisines, but it’s still not as diverse as what you’ll find in other major cities. If you’re used to having an array of options when it comes to dining out, this will be an adjustment for you. However, some restaurants offer more variety than others.
  • Try the local fish – If you’re looking for something different from what you’d typically eat on vacation, try the local fish. It’s one of the most popular items on Whitsundays menus because of its freshness. You can also try barramundi (a type of sea bass), which is another staple item at most restaurants here.
Relax and enjoy your holiday

You might think, “I’m not a city person.” But if you’re going to Whitsundays, the best way to see it is by boat. From the glass-bottomed boat, you can see schools of fish swimming around coral reefs and shipwrecks. You can even take a ride on a catamaran. Try snorkelling or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park to get more out of your trip. Just make sure to wear protective gear like fins and masks so that you don’t get injured while swimming with these creatures.

Whitsundays is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy your holiday. There are many things to do and see here, but it’s up to you how much time you want to spend doing those things. So get out there and explore.