How to choose the right safety solutions for your workplace

appropriate safety kits

Did you know that hundreds and thousands of people get injured at work every year? In Australia, 120,355 worker compensation claims were made in 2019-20. For this reason, safety solutions are a must-have in several industries. Three industries that observe the highest frequency rate of severe claims in Australia are-

  • transport, postal and warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural, forestry and fishing

In these industries, safety gear (also known as PPE- Personal Protective Equipment) is required to meet regulations and prevent chronic problems that can arise after years of repeatedly performing the same tasks. So, getting suitable safety kits can be life-saving if you work in any of the industries mentioned above. However, remembering the difference between having and using the proper safety gear in the right way, as opposed to using the wrong safety gear in the wrong way, can make all the difference.

Hope now you have understood why it is crucial to have the proper safety solution at the workplace.

But Wait! That’s not enough.

You must also know what kind of safety gear you need and what brands you can trust.

Understanding your work environment

Understanding your work environment and selecting the appropriate safety kits are the first steps in purchasing any PPE. Given that it serves as the foundation for the entire safety programme, this initial stage of the procedure is the most crucial. Hence, the responsibility for this task should be shared among all individuals and not placed solely on one employee or division within your business. This is the initial stage of choosing the safety solution, which explains potentially harmful procedures and activities in your processes; therefore, it should involve as many people as possible. Following their discovery, the next question is: Is PPE the only option? Can a duty be modified in any way to lessen the hazard or abolish it if it is hazardous?

Choosing the proper safety solutions

After identifying the potential dangers, you must choose the safety kit for your workplace. However, the selection process is going to take a lot of work. Again, you need to make several considerations, like can one use disposable kits or do you need a safety kit that can be used numerous times? Well, the decision is typically made based on a cost-benefit analysis. At this point, you should ask yourself questions like “How often is the risk encountered?” “How many individuals will be exposed to the risk?” and “Will it be the same people exposed to the risk every time?” Even if they are slightly more expensive, you should choose reputable brands when you buy the products. Naturally, the additional expense will result from higher quality materials, more excellent product testing, and more assistance. Remember not to compromise with any of these things when it concerns your personnel’s safety.

Keeping up with the safety solutions

Buying the proper safety solutions doesn’t mean your job is done! Ensuring your team is trained in adequately using and fitting the safety equipment comes after you’ve purchased the kit. Also, ensure that every worker utilising the equipment knows its features, intended uses, and the rationale for its provision. It’s critical to emphasise the value of wearing PPE, to overcome any initial fear.


Finally, it’s crucial to regularly verify the state of the safety equipment and maintain compliance. Replace any damaged or malfunctioning safety equipment immediately, and meticulously record all equipment interactions.