How to Celebrate a Wedding in Barcelona Unconventionally?

A wedding is the happiest day, a real-life fairy tale. When preparing for the celebration, you want to consider all the nuances and make this day the most memorable in life. One of the unconventional solutions is to organize a wedding on a catamaran.

Practical Tips

Deciding to hold a celebration on a boat, you should consider some key points. Ignoring these can ruin the celebration.

Guest List

It will not be possible to organize a wedding ceremony on a boat for a large number of guests. The capacity of catamarans is limited – usually up to 30 people. You will also have to give up a large registration area. However, you can organize a beautiful small photo zone for guests.

When inviting guests, you need to make sure that none of them suffers from seasickness. This especially applies to “key” guests. Otherwise, it is worth giving up the idea of a wedding on a boat.

Also, guests need to be punctual, especially if a yacht trip is planned, and not just a “static” location at the yacht club pier.

Photo Session and Decorations

Plan the event only for the warm period. Agree, the piercing wind on the deck will significantly spoil the celebration and the wedding photo session on the boat. The concept of wedding photos needs to be discussed with the photographer in advance so that the bride and groom’s desires are not a surprise to him.

Also, it is necessary to discuss the decoration of the room and delivery of decor elements in advance. It will probably be necessary to arrange passes and access to the yacht club territory for the company’s employees who are doing the decoration before the newlyweds and guests arrive.


There are two options for holding a banquet:

  • A light buffet on the deck and a direct banquet in the restaurant.
  • Full organization of the banquet on the catamaran.

The first option is simpler to organize. For a buffet on the deck, you can prepare light snacks, fruits, a candy bar is allowed. 1-2 waiters will be enough to serve drinks to guests. After the walk and photo session, the guests and the newlyweds go to the restaurant, where a full-fledged banquet is already held. In this case, it is better to choose a restaurant located near the shore or on the territory of the yacht club where the catamaran is rented.

The second option requires serious preparation. Since it is very difficult to organize a full-fledged banquet in a small room on a boat. Moreover, it will require a longer rental of a catamaran in Barcelona, which is not always financially beneficial. Nevertheless, wedding organization specialists recommend choosing a banquet onshore. The exception is perhaps the organization of a wedding on a large ship, where there is a full banquet hall.