Facts and Statistics to Know About Distracted Driving

You need to understand that drivers are also human beings who can make mistakes. The government, auto manufacturers and tech companies are working hard on making self driving cars come to a reality. Distracted driving is still going to continue taking place till these auto driving cars are not made available.

Even though the state and federal governments enforce and enact laws to limit the use of cellphones and ban messaging while driving, employers are also given the responsibility to mention the reason to be distracted while driving their fleet. Even the companies that have policies on the use of mobile phone, the guide lines still won’t go long way to addressing distracted driving.

No matter if you are hiring drivers or just want to help your employees who travel daily by vehicle for work, raising common cause awareness about distracted driving will help reduce the risk and might even prevent any sort of tragedy from happening.

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Here is a list of reasons that causes distracted driving:

· Talking on the Mobile phone

The behavior still continues after spreading awareness about the danger of using a mobile phone while driving. There are many that believe with the hand free technology growing it is safe to use a phone for a call while driving however studies do not agree with it.

· Messaging and other manipulation of mobile phones

Checking something or texting on your smart phone a few point seconds of not concentrating on your phone could be the last time you make a mistake.

· Talking to other passengers

Being realistic, having a carpool on the way to work or driving with family and friends it is normal to have a conversation with the person on your passenger seat. It is also a benefit that there is someone that is also ensuring safe on road with you, but it can be bad if the conversation takes your attention away from the road.

· Objects and animals moving in the vehicle

Whether it is the pet in the car, an insect trying to escape from the window, or anything else taking a shift unexpectedly while driving can cause distraction. The reflex action in human beings tend to shift concentration and makes a person reach for something that is sliding off. But the damage that can happen by letting anything slip off is lesser than the damage that can happen by distracting your attention from the road.

· Adjusting the climate or audio control

Scanning the radio or controlling the air conditioner in your car may seem as a mindless task, but can shift your focus from the road and this can be dangerous.

It is necessary that with driving you learn about the safety and laws of the road. The government has made the rules for a reason so make sure that you use them well.