6 Classic Italian Dishes That Everyone Should Try

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Lasagne alla Bolognese

Lasagne alla Bolognese is a classic pasta recipe from Italy with a long history. It originates in the city of Bologna, where it has become a favorite dish for families worldwide. This recipe is especially popular in the United States. While lasagne may seem like a complicated dish to make, the reality is that it’s pretty simple. The trick is to have it prepared ahead of time. There are several different kinds of lasagna from an Italian food catering service. Some are baked, while others are made with Bolognese sauce. You can also make it with spinach-flavored pasta or with pesto sauce. Regardless of which variety you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind. Unlike other Italian dishes, Lasagne alla Bolognese does not include ricotta or mozzarella cheese. The original recipe did not include tomatoes.

Spaghetti Carbonara

The classic Spaghetti Carbonara recipe is simple and easy to make. It has five ingredients: guanciale, eggs, black pepper, pasta, and Pecorino Romano cheese. You can also add little red pepper flakes to make the sauce spicier. First, you need to cook the pasta. Cooking the pasta al dente will help to hold the dense egg-rich dressing. You can use spaghetti, linguine, or angel hair pasta. Some people like to add peas to their carbonara but cook the pasta sparingly. Toss the cooked pasta in the pan. You can use bacon or pancetta if you prefer. For the authentic recipe, you should use thick-sliced unsmoked bacon. Guanciale is a type of Italian cured meat. It’s salty and fatty. Next, you need to combine your Parmesan cheeses. Use a large mixing bowl for this step. You can add your egg and cheese mixture when the pasta is ready. Mix the sauce with a fork if you want the sauce to be smoother. This will also thin the sauce.


If you’re looking for a delicious and easy Italian dish, you can’t go wrong with Amatriciana pasta. You’ll get plenty of flavor from this tomato-based sauce, and it’s a great way to satisfy everyone in your family. This classic Italian recipe is quick to make and comes together in less than 25 minutes. Amatriciana originated in the town of Amatrice in the Lazio region of Italy. The dish was called gricia until the 1800s when it was changed to amatriciana. Roman cuisine often serves this dish with bucatini, which is long, spaghetti-like noodles. Authentic amatriciana uses pork jowl (guanciale) and tomatoes, with spices and pecorino cheese. But you can also try making this popular Italian recipe with bacon or pancetta. And it’s pretty easy to find these ingredients at your local grocery store. There are a lot of variations of this dish. Some add garlic to the sauce, while others leave out onions. Other versions of the recipe use penne pasta instead of spaghetti. As with any Italian recipe, the key to making authentic amatriciana is finding the best ingredients. You’ll want to buy guanciale, a cured pig jowl, and Pecorino Romano.

Gorgonzola Stuffed Cannelloni

Regarding classic Italian dishes, Gorgonzola stuffed cannelloni is one of the most popular. This particular dish is strong in flavor and will satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest eater. These pasta are a popular food in Italy and have become a staple in the United States. They can be served with a variety of different sauces and can be filled with a variety of different ingredients. Depending on the recipe, a cannelloni will either be stuffed with a meat-based filling or cheese. One of the most common types of filling for cannelloni is spinach and ricotta cheese. This quick and easy filling can be made and stuffed in just a few minutes. Another popular filling for cannelloni is crab. Crab meat is very tender and can be a wonderful addition to this dish. However, you should be careful not to overfill the shells with crab.


Arancini is a traditional Italian dish with rice, mozzarella, and fillings. They come in various shapes and flavors, making them a delicious, quick, and healthy lunch option. While arancini are traditionally fried, they can also be baked in the oven. And since they freeze well, they can be enjoyed for days after they’ve been prepared. This is why they’re becoming more popular antipasti for Italians and Americans. Arancini are traditionally deep-fried. However, many people prefer to bake their arancini instead. If you choose to bake your arancini, you will find that they are much lighter and less likely to stick together. For this reason, it’s recommended that you fry arancini in a pot with high sides. Once you’ve shaped the arancini, you can add any combination of ingredients to the inside. Some examples of fillings include ham, cheese, and mushrooms. You can also fill arancini with fresh herbs, such as chives.


Porchetta is an Italian dish with its roots in Italy’s central regions. It is a boneless pork dish stuffed with a mixture of herbs, fennel, and rosemary. The meat is then baked, and the skin becomes crisp. Porchetta can be made from whole suckling pigs, or a cut of pork rolled into a tight roll. There are different types of porchetta, but all have the same basic ingredients. To make porchetta, you should start by purchasing a pork tenderloin. The tenderloin should be about a pound or a little more. Ideally, it should be about three inches wide and two inches long. You can either cook it on the stove or use a slow cooker to prepare it. Porchetta can also be made with a rotisserie machine. This method allows the meat to get a flavorful coating from the aromatics. However, if you have the time, you can make this dish by hand.