Minor Upgrades That Will Improve Air Quality In Your Home

When you are spending most parts of the day in your house, you would want your house to smell fresh. Bad odor, humidity, and poor quality of air can affect your mood as well as your overall health. Improving air quality is crucial for comfortable living in the house and reduces the risks of getting sick, especially when you have small kids around.

Improving air quality inside the house is not an expensive job. With small tips and tricks, you can make a huge difference. It all comes down to timely maintenance and smart decisions. Here are some tips that every homeowner should know regarding improved air quality.

1.      Inspect Your Air Conditioner

One of the major factors leading to bad odor in the house is the broken air conditioning unit. If your AC is not working properly, you will have a moist, stingy, and irritating smell in the house. Although it will be just a hint, it can make you go crazy when you are staying at home all day.

Make sure that you regularly inspect your AC unit. Clean the filters and regularly perform auto clean. However, if it is too old, it might be time to consider air conditioning replacement. Call in professionals for help.

2.      Strategic Placement Of Windows

Ventilation is extremely important when it comes to maintaining good quality air inside the house. When building or renovating the house, make sure that you place windows strategically.

Moreover, you should consider opening your windows regularly, especially during the day to let in fresh air. A circulation of fresh air can remove indoor pollutants and improve the quality of air.

3.      Invest In Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to improve the quality of air naturally. Some plants are known to remove toxic pollutants from the air. They can trap dust particles, bad odor, and even negative ions in the air.

Meanwhile, plants produce oxygen and utilize carbon dioxide during the day through the process called photosynthesis. This fresh oxygen is crucial for maintaining good air quality inside.

4.      Buy An Air Purifier

You should invest in a good quality air purifier for your home. Find an air purifier that utilizes HEPA filters. These filters trap dust, pollutants, and other toxins from the air and through clean and fresh air.

However, you should know that an air Purifier alone will not work. You should maintain your hvac system as well. Invest in timely hvac repair to reduce the risks of pollutants entering the indoor environment.

5.      Pay Attention To Cleaning

Lastly, you should pay special attention to cleanliness inside the house. Kitchen and bathrooms are the main places that can contribute to bad air quality.

Make sure that you throw out the garbage every night before going to bed. Avoid leaving rotten fruits and vegetables in your house. Regularly clean your toilets. You should invest in air mists that give a hint of aroma to the house. You can also create your air freshener by boiling cinnamon sticks and orange peels in water.