Are Gas Fireplaces Still Trendy in the New Year?

When you think of a classical living room space, what comes to mind?  Perhaps it is a television, or a large sofa, or even a recliner chair.  However, the centerpiece of the den in many homes is in fact the fireplace!  Be it a wood burning one, an electric one, or a gas one, they are a way to make any room feel much cozier in an instant.

What makes them so appealing, though?  Why have they held such a grip on interior design across the decades, and perhaps even centuries?  I will not be covering all of it, of course, but we will get into some of the details that are well worth learning about.  For the most part, I will keep my focus on the gas fireplace – how they work, why they are popular, and if the trend will continue into 2023.

Gas Fireplaces: What are they?

At first glance, the answer to this question probably seems quite obvious.  It is just a fireplace that runs with gas instead of burning logs, right?  I mean…technically, you are correct.  However, I would like to get a bit more in depth than that.  As you can tell from this blog post, the trends in terms of what fireplaces are most popular change fairly often.

Gas ones are fairly unique in that they can replicate the appearance of a wood burning one the most accurately, while still not requiring anywhere close to the same amount of maintenance.  Additionally, they are far less likely to catch fire and burn your whole home down, which I would certainly count as a plus.  In terms of practicality, they burn natural gas as opposed to wood logs.

For anyone who already has natural gas heating, the installation process will probably be fairly simple.  You may still need to have a professional involved, but it would not be nearly as stressful as the traditional type of fireplace installation (you will not need to add on a chimney, after all).
This also means that your costs will probably be cut down in comparison.

You can opt for one of two styles: the ones that have direct ventilation or the ones that do not have ventilation at all.  Either can work, it will really be up to your personal tastes and what you would prefer to have in your home!  These are just a few things to consider, of course.

The Benefits

So – now that you know what they are, we can touch upon the perks of them!  Otherwise, how would you know whether or not you want to purchase a gas fireplace, right?  One of the biggest ones is the fact that they are very easy to clean and maintain.  This is a big contrast to wood burning ones, where you always have to be aware of ash and keep it clean to reduce your chances of causing a huge fire.

Otherwise, what should you keep in mind?  Well, there is of course the fact that fueling them is not a difficult task.  As I briefly touched upon above, if you already utilize natural gas to keep your home warm, you can connect your gas fireplace to the same line rather easily.  However, even without that simplicity, the ventless ones do not require a chimney.  Both are more convenient than traditional ones, right?

Are they Still in Style?

The final consideration that I will be discussing with you today is whether or not these are still “in vogue” as you might say as we go into the new year.  Sure, they may not be as flashy as some of the electronic models, but that hardly means that they are undesirable.  In fact, I would argue that their more classical appearance makes them ideal for those who would prefer a traditional look without the hassle of burning wood logs.

Otherwise, the fact that they are not a huge fire hazard means that they will always be in fashion to some extent.  As you can see based upon this article,, it is definitely something that a lot of people are concerned about.  Families should be especially cognizant of it, in fact.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing a gas fireplace or have ever been considering it before, hopefully you have found this article to be helpful!  Sure, while it could be a bit of an investment, think about the fact that this will likely end up paying off in the future as well if you ever decide to list your home on the marketplace.

Additionally, you can think about the fact that you will have a nice, cozy room and get to enjoy that for the rest of your time in that home that you have the gas fireplace installed!